Best Computers & Technology Books for Teen & Young Adults

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1. Animation for Kids with Scratch Programming: Create Your Own Digital Art, Games, and Stories with Code

by: Danny J Takeuchi
Release date: Sep 18, 2015
Number of Pages: 156
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The myth: Programming is only for kids who are good at math and science.

The reality: Anyone can learn how to code. Kids with an artistic bent and curious minds can give life to technology that shapes our daily experience.

Don’t believe it? Give this book a try! It will prove to be the best investment for your kids. This book teaches kids how to create animations with code. No big words or scary concepts. Only step-by-step, visual programming laced with digital art, games, and storytelling projects. It is a great art and code mixer. Animation for Kids with Scratch Programming is the perfect first taste that any budding programmer could fall in love with.

This book has three sections:
*Section one starts with simple projects to help students learn basic programming concepts. Those projects give students hands-on learning experience in developing their own games and animations.
*Section two provides students with animation techniques to fuel their creativity and imagination. It provides them tools to create more interesting animations.
*Section three guides students through four complete animations, each with its own storyboard. Kids learn how to manage the complexities of development, the interactions of multiple characters, and the timing of separate events. Many of the animation techniques introduced earlier are utilized to create these projects.

This book highlights the following areas:
Art and Code: Art and code go together like cookies and milk. This book leads with what kids know – art, games, and story-telling. Let them discover their Aha moments while having fun.
Simplicity: No kids study grammar to figure out how to talk. They learn by talking. Why should it be different with programming? No more concept overload and wordy explanations. Start coding from day one.
Projects: The book guides students to create their projects step-by-step. The instant gratification gained in each project reinforces their confidence and love for learning. Use this book in classrooms or for self-learning.
Techniques: This is the 1st book focusing on animation techniques in Scratch. Kids can use it as a great reference book for building their own games and animations.
Storyboard: Actions and scenes have to be planned out just like in filmmaking. This book teaches kids how to use the storyboard to guide their programming logic.

Before Christmas, the first five hundred copies sold will entitle the buyers with a two-hour free webinar class. In this online class, we will walk students through the first chapter. To register for the free webinar, please go to


Teen & Young Adult > Education & Reference > Science & Technology > Computers > Programming

2. Elements (The Biodome Chronicles series Book 2)

by: Jesikah Sundin
Release date: Sep 09, 2015
Number of Pages: 735
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New Eden Township is more than a dungeon for Fillion Nichols. The medieval biodome community, where Fillion is serving time, is a birthright that torments his life and threatens his future. Sealed inside the experimental Mars colony, there is no escape from anyone, especially the young woman who has haunted his thoughts for nearly six years. To preserve his sanity, he focuses on one goal – decoding the mystery behind the Watson deaths.

It is a mission that shatters his distorted perceptions of reality and helps rebuild the fractured elements of his life.

Meanwhile, to prove his worth to the Daughter of Earth, a young nobleman ventures beyond the walls of the biodome and experiences the Outside world for the first time. But his quest takes an unpredictable turn when he meets Lynden Nichols and Mack Ferguson, who draw him into their world – a community also confined and isolated by society. The Anime Tech Movement’s computer underground is far from the rustic, honorable life the young nobleman knows. Yet, he discovers familiar elements within the high tech subculture that may sustain the home he left behind.

As worlds converge, each young man faces a choice that will affect the survival of an entire community. And to save the generation they fight for, both men must defy the boundaries of everything they know.

Youth cultures collide as The Biodome Chronicles continues in a compelling quest for truth, forging an unforgettable story rich in mystery, betrayal and love.


Science Fiction & Fantasy > Science Fiction > Cyberpunk

3. Getting Started with 3D Printing: A Hands-on Guide to the Hardware, Software, and Services Behind the New Manufacturing Revolution

by: Liza Wallach KloskiNick Kloski
Release date: Apr 28, 2016
Number of Pages: 240
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Make: Getting Started with 3D Printing is a practical, informative, and inspiring book that guides readers step-by-step through understanding how this new technology will empower them to take full advantage of all it has to offer. The book includes fundamental topics such as a short history of 3D printing, the best hardware and software choices for consumers, hands-on tutorial exercises the reader can practice for free at home, and how to apply 3D printing in the readers’ life and profession. For every maker or would-be maker who is interested, or is confused, or who wants to get started in 3D printing today, this book offers methodical information that can be read, digested, and put into practice immediately!


Arts & Photography > Decorative Arts & Design

4. WebRTC for Business People: Unraveling the challenges and opportunities of the WebRTC ecosystem

by: Tsahi Levent-Levi
Release date: Nov 12, 2014
Number of Pages: 122
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This book is a research paper covers everything you need to know about WebRTC and the ecosystem around it to make educated decisions about launching new initiatives using this technology.

Spanning over 100 pages, this book covers in a simple language what WebRTC is, what you can and can’t do with it, how the ecosystem is divided along with many vendor stories of those who adopted WebRTC.

This book is useful if you are:
* An entrepreneur, seeking to start a real-time communication related initiative
* A product manager, trying to understand where WebRTC fits into your planning
* A decision maker, who needs to make sense of the brave new world of WebRTC

The book addresses the following key questions:
* What is WebRTC?
* What can WebRTC do, and what can’t it do?
* In which browsers and environments can WebRTC be used?
* What types of vendors are adopting WebRTC and how?
* In which markets is WebRTC used and with what kinds of business models?

The book is free of charge curtesy of Kandy by Genband who are sponsoring it.


Business & Money > Industries > Computers & Technology

5. Adam Undercover, The Presidium Files

by: Aaron Foster
Release date: Jan 12, 2015
Number of Pages: 358
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A Top Choice award winner!

Adam Locke’s latest stunt finally gets him expelled from the ninth grade and shipped off to a stuffy private school. When it turns out to be an undercover organization in need of fresh operatives, he and his new classmate Emma begin their clandestine training. Intrigue, danger, and adventure follow the pair around the world as they learn how to use the gadgets, technology, and tactics at their disposal. During their country-hopping education, they uncover a grave threat to their new way of life and the organization itself. Can a pair of teenagers contend with an international criminal intent on revenge?

Check out book 2 of the Adam Undercover series, ‘The Consortium Directive’ coming Fall 2016.


Children’s Books > Growing Up & Facts of Life > Friendship, Social Skills & School Life > Boys & Men

6. iWrite: Using Blogs, Wikis, and Digital Stories in the English Classroom

by: Dana J Wilber
Release date: Mar 03, 2010
Number of Pages: 152
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“It’s not that our students aren’t reading and writing, but that where and what they are reading and writing is off the school radar. We can build a bridge between the literate lives of our students outside of school and the literacies we want to teach them.”

–Dana J. Wilber

The power of Dana Wilber’s insight is in its simplicity. Students are texting, networking, and blogging- i.e., writing and reading- all the time, everywhere, just maybe in places we aren’t necessarily paying attention to. Build on their authentic interest and motivation using the technologies they are already committed to and you’ve won half the battle. You won’t believe how engaged they are; they won’t believe they’re learning for school.

In iWrite, Dana shows you how to guide students through the complexity of new literacies, including:

  • how to discern between media
  • how to account for audience and voice
  • how to choose appropriate genre
  • and how to harness what they already know to be more successful in school.

Dana deftly elucidates the lives of Millennials, those students growing up around the turn of the 21stcentury, and the technologies embedded into their everyday reading and writing. She shows us how three accessible tools-wikis, blogs, and digital storytelling -can be used to scaffold learning for our students. And she demonstrates how they can help us address 10 key issues in the literacies of today’s students:

  • Safety
  • Authenticity
  • Practice
  • Relevance
  • Meaning and identity
  • Interest and inquiry
  • Cognitive development
  • Community
  • Process
  • Motivation

Let iWrite show you how to capture students’ daily literacy practices and develop them for the kind of writing we want them to learn.


Teen & Young Adult

7. Life Without Ceilings: A Woman’s Career in Computers

by: Mary L Gorden
Release date: Nov 18, 2016
Number of Pages: 204
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Born in 1944, Mary Gorden grew up with dreams of becoming an astronaut and a scientist. But during the 1950s and 60s traditional attitudes about women in the workplace still prevailed. Mary’s searing memories of being told girls don’t” in response to her aspirations opens this compelling memoir of her journey through the groundbreaking new world of computer programming and the computer as a business tool.

After she graduated from college in Wisconsin with a degree in mathematics, Mary made her way to Washington, D.C., where she began her first programming job. She then followed her heart to San Francisco in 1969 meeting her husband along the way.

With her natural gifts as a logical problem-solver, Mary excelled in her programming work. Yet she was constantly pressured to leave the technical work she loved and to go into management. It was an unusual problem for a woman to have in the 1970s.

Written in a no-nonsense style, Mary recounts challenging years in management and marriage––eventually discovering that she needed to leave both. She also writes about the outdoors as her passion and escape, of the intense freedom and focus to learn horseback riding and cross-country skiing, of navigating the skies as a licensed pilot, of her world travels and her love of her horses and her dogs.

Over the course of her story business computing evolves from punched cards to the beginning of the internet, and opportunities for women continue to change and grow.


Biographies & Memoirs > Memoirs

8. 21 Ways To Grow Your Business Using Technology

by: George Yoder
Release date: Sep 05, 2016
Number of Pages: 43
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Small business owners often begin their businesses with limited funds, focussing on urgent matters and necessities. While we understand that starting lean is critical to long-term success, we also know that there is a lot you can do to get your business growing immediately using the tools that are available so readily today! We are here to point you in the direction of success, by using inexpensive (sometimes, even FREE!) technology that can make a huge difference for your business.

Computers & Technology

9. The eBay Business Answer Book: The 350 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Making Big Money on eBay

by: Cliff Ennico
Release date: May 23, 2008
Number of Pages: 304
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More and more eBay sellers are gradually turning their entrepreneurial efforts on the world’s foremost online auction site into serious business enterprises. Whether they see their eBay business as a modest addition to their revenue or a potentially fulltime venture, they need expert advice on how to do it right. Filled with in-depth, easily-understood answers readers can flip to, as-needed, this is a one-of-a-kind resource for any eBay seller.

Business & Money > Industries > Retailing

10. Virtual World Design and Creation for Teens

by: Charles R. Hardnett
Release date: Aug 05, 2009
Number of Pages: 272
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“Virtual World Design and Creation for Teens” shows teens like you how to develop virtual 3D worlds using the simple, visual programming language, Alice. Virtual worlds can take the form of animated stories, movies, and games. This book will teach you step-by-step how to create virtual worlds, including developing your story, setting up your world, adding and animating characters, incorporating sound, and sharing your world with others. You’ll even discover how to add strategy to your worlds so they can be used as interactive stories or games. Written in clear language using hands-on projects and exercises to teach you each new skill, this book is easy to follow at your own individual pace.

Computers & Technology > Programming > Game Programming

11. Learn to Make Great Digital Photos for 5 Bucks

by: Tim Grey
Release date: Sep 10, 2004
Number of Pages: 64
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Learn to Make Great Digital Photos for 5 Bucks is a tight, bright, four-color, quick reference manual for anyone who wants to learn to use their digital camera. Written by an intelligent expert of digital photography, the text is integrated with large illustrations (either photographs or software interface shots). Brief tips or warnings at page bottom address any ancillary points not covered in the basic how-to text. There’s nothing else. Readers will quickly learn the fundamentals of using a digital camera: your camera’s basic features, how to shoot in different lighting conditions, tips for different kinds of shots (portrait, landscape, close-up), basic rules all the pros know, and more than 50 tips and secrets that help get the perfect shot, or maybe just save your day. You’ll also learn what to do with your images after you’ve imported them into your computer: managing your photo files, editing and cropping, printing, and emailing them to friends and family. This book isn’t designed to be a complete reference, but an irresistible impulse buy for people who don’t normally buy books in this area–or for people who just want to learn the basics.


Arts & Photography > Photography & Video > Digital Photography

12. Go Google: 20 Ways to Reach More Customers and Build Revenue with Google Business Tools

by: Greg Holden
Release date: Jan 02, 2008
Number of Pages: 356
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Google is not only the search engine of choice for millions of users, it is an immensely powerful tool for savvy businesspeople who know how to use its advanced features. “Go Google” is a comprehensive guide to everything readers need to know about Google’s myriad applications, including Google Apps, Google Docs and Spreadsheets, Google SMS, Google Base, and other services that will help businesses get organized – and get noticed. Complete with information on research tools like Google Local, Google News, and Google Alerts, this is the ultimate guide for businesses of every size.

Business & Money > Marketing & Sales > Marketing > Multilevel

13. 30 días para ser un nativo digital (Spanish Edition)

by: Emanuel Werner
Release date: Aug 19, 2015
Number of Pages: 175
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Comencé este libro a los 17 años de edad, pero el camino ya lo había empezado mucho antes, y del camino sé que me falta mucho recorrer.

¿Por qué 30 reglas? Pues un mes tiene en promedio 30 días, y pensé lo bueno que sería tener una regla para pensar por día, y repetirla 12 veces al año. Sé que el camino del éxito es la perseverancia, pero si le sumamos un plan ¡mejor!. Martin Luther King cuando quiso transmitir lo que sentía por en su accionar dijo, “Tengo un sueño”, y esto representa el principal motivo para este libro: ¡Tengamos un sueño!. Primero soñemos donde llegar, luego vendrán los planes y los cambios, primero soñemos.

Hoy en día es muy simple copiar y pegar, entre tanto Big Data con más de 500.000 artículos creados por día a través de diferentes personas de todo el mundo.

En este punto nos vemos desafiados a lograr comprender la información, filtrar la más relevante y poder transformar creando algo de valor para el otro.

Nos es imprescindible derribar un mito que dice que la generación de Nativos Digitales es experta por nacimiento en el uso de las Tecnologías de la Información y la comunicación (TICs). Estudios internacionales dejaron demostrado que esta generación desconocer cómo utilizar la información que los rodea para conectar ideas y generar nuevos contenidos. Las encuestas realizadas por ICILS indicaron que un 89% de los jóvenes confían en que saben cómo obtener información de internet, pero solamente el 2% logro efectivamente pasar una prueba diferenciando el contenido relevante de aquel que era falso.

Podemos remontarnos al pasado y darnos cuenta que la educación desde el Siglo XIX hasta el Siglo XXI es algo que va evolucionando de una forma lenta en comparación con el resto de los avances desarrollados por la humanidad. Es por este motivo que deseo transformarla, y preparar a todas las generaciones, en los cinco continentes para adaptarse a un contexto que cambia continuamente, con un ritmo nunca antes visto.

Es prioritario traer la educación a la actualidad y lograr generar un pensamiento proactivo y anticipatorio en todas las etapas de la vida.

Comprender el comportamiento de una acción, de un sueño, de una compra, es el desafío que les propongo. Los invito a leer este libro y compartir sus opiniones luego.

Soñar, educar, comprender, entender… ¡comencemos!


Business & Money > Small Business & Entrepreneurship > New Business Enterprises

14. AutoCAD and Its Applications Comprehensive 2012

by: Terence M. ShumakerDavid A. MadsenDavid P. MadsenJeffrey A. LaurichJ. C. MalitzkeCraig P. BlackAdam M. Ferris
Release date: Jun 08, 2011
Number of Pages: 1760
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The Comprehensive edition of AutoCAD and Its Applications combines the complete contents of the Basics and Advanced editions to provide flexibility in course design and teaching approaches. This package provides a complete program for teaching introductory and second-tier AutoCAD courses.

Arts & Photography > Architecture > Drafting & Presentation

15. Dead Man’s Hand

by: Jordan Cray
Release date: Oct 01, 1998
Number of Pages: 224
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//WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE/ The Internet…a world without rules, without boundaries. Where you can be anyone you want, whoever you aren’t. And it’s all just a click away…. Nick Annunciato wants to impress his new girlfriend’s father. So when he flies to Key West with his own father, who’s a cookbook author and chef, and his stepsister, Annie, to attend a local food festival, he places an notice on the Internet: “I’m in Key West looking for the obvious contraband.” Nick does get a response. But what he doesn’t realize is that he has unwittingly thrown himself and Annie into a dangerous swirl of murder, mayhem, and Cuban cigars. Who is the dead man missing a hand? Can Nick and Annie find the killer before he cooks up more trouble? Will this adventure be their last? Different people in different places. The one thing they have in common is a new address on the Internet: Where all your fears come true.

Teen & Young Adult > Literature & Fiction > Action & Adventure > Mystery & Thriller

16. Keyboarding for the Christian School

by: Leanne Beitel
Release date: Jun 07, 2006
Number of Pages: 87
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Drawing from fourteen years experience, author Leanne Beitel guides teens in touch typing and basic word processing skills specifically for Christian schools and/or home schools. Keyboarding for the Christian School gives clear directions and brief assignments with the following advantages:Biblical references for each unitGives screen shot examples from Microsoft Word XPCompares APA and MLA report stylesUses inspiring sample textsIncludes timings and grading chartUtilizes commonly-used proofreader’s marksText copy is formatted in 12 point Times New Roman font for readabilityKeyboarding for the Christian School is designed for time-constrained classes, skills review, or as a supplement to computer courses. A printable e-book version of this book along with Teacher Tools to create a typing course is available at

Teen & Young Adult > Education & Reference > Science & Technology > Computers

17. Brown Dogs and Barbers: What’s Computer Science All About?

by: Karl Beecher
Release date: Sep 09, 2014
Number of Pages: 262
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Computers are everywhere, running our lives, handling our social interactions, serving as the backbone of every business.

And yet, how well do we understand them? How much do we know about their rise to ubiquity? We take computers for granted, but there is a fascinating wealth of ideas waiting to be explored, a rich trail of information explaining how we got to where we are now. That trail includes grand dreams, intricate puzzles, mind-stretching concepts and a cast of colourful characters.

Brown Dogs and Barbers is a story about computer science. Join me on a journey through the story of computing, discover just what makes the machines tick, learn why computers work the way they do and meet the cast of characters responsible for it all.


Computers & Technology > Computer Science

18. Career Ideas for Teens in Information Technology (Career Ideas for Teens (Ferguson))

by: Diane Lindsey Reeves
Release date: Jan 01, 2012
Number of Pages: 186
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Millions rely on computers at work and at home, and email is a convenience that many take for granted. Information technology professionals develop, create, maintain, and operate computer-related technologies. In this book, the careers profiled include: Bioinformation; Computer animator; Computer game designer; Desktop publisher; and more.

Teen & Young Adult > Education & Reference > Reference

19. When the Chips Are Down (Cyber Kdz)

by: Bruce Balan
Release date: Apr 01, 1998
Number of Pages: 168
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When Sanjeev’s sister runs away to join her boyfriend Raj, a crewman on a cruise ship, they get word she’s been killed in a train wreck. Sanjeev goes in search of Raj, and instead finds her sister alive, but bound and gagged aboard ship. He also discovers a multi-million dollar computer chip smuggling operation and calls on Cyber.kdz to help him track down the thieves.

Teen & Young Adult > Literature & Fiction > Action & Adventure > Mystery & Thriller

20. Information Insecurity: Privacy Under Siege (Nonfiction – Young Adult)

by: Brendan January
Release date: Aug 01, 2015
Number of Pages: 96
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The Internet gives us information, communication options, shopping opportunities, entertainment, and much more–all at the touch of a fingertip and much of it for free. But in exchange for these benefits, we may be losing a basic right: the right to privacy. By clicking to accept website user agreements, we often allow companies to track our activities online and to share our data with outside groups. In addition, the police and government agencies can also track people online–and this tracking is sometimes done secretly, without user agreements or search warrants. Privacy laws and the US Constitution are supposed to protect privacy in the United States, as are laws and conventions in other parts of the world. But judicial and legal systems have not kept pace with technology. And until laws catch up, users enter a legal gray area when they communicate digitally–an arena in which their most private conversations might not be protected from intrusion. Such intrusion can be dangerous: government agencies can use information obtained via digital spying to harass, arrest, or imprison citizens. Other groups can use private digital data to discriminate in banking, retail, housing, and other businesses. Around the world, critics are sounding the alarm about digital privacy. Many have called for stricter controls on data tracking. What rights do you have when it comes to privacy online? How can you be a smart cyber citizen and protect your personal digital data? These questions are at the heart of the Internet privacy debate.

Teen & Young Adult > Education & Reference > Science & Technology > Computers > Internet

21. Jeff Bezos and Amazon (Internet Biographies (Rosen))

by: Jennifer Landau
Release date: Jul 15, 2012
Number of Pages: 127
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This insightful work combines Jeff Bezos’s life story, beginning in 1964 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, with the creation of Amazon, in 1995, and its rise as the largest online retailer in the world. Bezos’s zeal and tirelessness has seen Amazon through the inevitable ups and downs that come with building a start-uptaking it from a garage and turning it into a worldwide powerhouse. Although Bezos has wide-ranging interests and investments today, Amazon remains the cornerstone of his work life, and he is determined to keep his company at the forefront of technological and commercial innovation. The narrative includes captivating sidebars on Bezos’s life and innovations, and fact sheets on his life and the company. A timeline helps readers glean pertinent facts about Bezos and Amazon quickly.

Children’s Books > Computers & Technology > Internet

22. Luv @ First Site ( #5)

by: Tess KindigTerry Brown
Release date: Aug 01, 2000
Number of Pages: 144
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Meet Bren

Bren Mickler has fallen in love at first sight! Bren tries everything to catch her dream date – right down to starting an electronic dating service for her friends. She plugs everyone’s vital stats into a program she pulled off the Web, and the trouble begins.

One disasterous and often hilarious match leads to another, and Bren finds that her attempts to win love actually keep her from finding it.

Just when Bren thinks she’s ruined everything, the timeless message of I Corinthians 13 envelops her heart. And the verses had been there- literally right in front of her face on the TodaysGirls Web site – the whole time! Bren learns the gifts of Godly love and friendship, discovering that “the greatest of these is love.”


Computers & Technology > Computer Science

23. P.C. Hawke Mysteries: The E-Mail Murders – Book #3

by: Paul Zindel
Release date: Sep 02, 2001
Number of Pages: 113
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When P.C. and Mackenzie are invited to join Mac’s dad on a business trip in Monaco, they are thrilled. But their luxurious vacation is cut short when a serial killer thought to be long retired suddenly strikes again…in their hotel!

Computers & Technology > Software > E-mail

24. Spyrius Technology: Oz Imagined

by: John Connor
Release date: Jul 01, 2015
Number of Pages: 249
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Eighteen-year-old Joshua Amandil and his best friend Kyle Frost are two computer science majors starting their sophomore year of college. All is routine until they stumble upon a projector hidden in their apartment which opens a portal to a virtual world created by the ultra-secret Spyrius Technology.

Science Fiction & Fantasy > Science Fiction

25. You Have Mail: True Stories of Cybercrime (24/7: Science Behind the Scenes: Spy Files)

by: Matthew Newman
Release date: Apr 09, 2009
Number of Pages: 64
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– High interest/low reading level books for middle- and high-school students
– Attention-grabbing opener to provide immediate visual introduction to each book
– Mock dialogues to present crucial vocabulary terms in context
– Compelling visuals and information to help students build a background in each topic
– Real-life case studies to show scientists’ problem-solving processes
– Portfolio of tools, equipment, forms, and other real materials used by experts in the field
– Science as Inquiry out of the classroom and into the real world
– Forensic science is a hot topic, making these books the ones teens will want to read
– Highlights of key historical moments in each discipline
– Current events tie-ins
– Career emphasis, featuring interviews with scientists in the field

Computers & Technology > Software > E-mail

26. Adam Undercover, The Consortium Directive (Volume 2)

by: Aaron Foster
Release date: Aug 17, 2016
Number of Pages: 376
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Adam and Emma are used to being the youngest agents in the Arcanum Trivindico. Remarkable gadgets, vehicles, and advanced training continue to hone their abilities as undercover operatives. When the US government pleads for them to engage an unhackable global crime syndicate, the students are forced to abandon their unusual education. A pair of new classmates and a dangerous assignment bring questioned loyalties and sparks of romance. As they battle their way across an unfamiliar continent, each of them will be pushed to the limit to complete their mission.

Teen & Young Adult > Literature & Fiction > Action & Adventure

27. Advanced Scratch Programming: Learn to design programs for challenging games, puzzles, and animations

by: Abhay Joshi
Release date: Sep 07, 2016
Number of Pages: 304
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There is a lot of material on Scratch Programming on the Internet, including videos, online courses, Scratch projects, and so on, but, most of it is introductory. There is very little that can take students to the next level, where they can apply their Scratch and CS concepts to exciting and challenging problems. There is also very little material that shows students how to design complex projects, and introduces them to the process of programming.

This book is meant to fill these gaps.

In short, this book is for students who are already familiar with Scratch: its various commands, its user interface, and how it represents a variety of CS concepts such as, variables, conditional statements, looping, and so on. The book does not attempt to teach these concepts, but, it does provide a quick introduction to each concept in the free Supplement to the book.

I call this an “interactive book” because it is something between a traditional book – which is static and passive – and a fully interactive online course. It does look like a book: it has a series of chapters, diagrams, a lot of text, etc. But it also contains links to online Scratch programs, code snippets, references, which the reader is expected to click and explore to fully benefit from the ideas presented.

I have organized the book as a series of independent Scratch projects – each of which describes how to design and build an interesting and challenging Scratch program. Each project progresses in stages – from a simple implementation to increasingly complex versions. You can read these chapters in any order you like, although I have tried to arrange the chapters in an increasing order of challenge.

Programming is a powerful tool that can be applied to virtually any field of human endeavor. I have tried to maintain a good diversity of applications in this book. You will find the following types of projects:

-Simple ball games
-Puzzle games
-Memory games
-Science simulations
-Math games
-Geometric designs

Learn the concepts:
As the experts will tell you, concepts are really understood and internalized when you apply them to solve problems. The purpose of this book is to help you apply Scratch and CS concepts to solve interesting and challenging programming problems. Every chapter lists, at the very start, the Scratch and CS concepts that you will apply while building that project.

Learn the design process:
Besides these technical concepts, you will also learn the “divide and conquer” approach of problem-solving. This is a fancy term for the technique of breaking down a bigger problem into many smaller problems and solving them separately one by one.

You will also learn the “iterative design process” for designing programs. This is another fancy name that describes the idea that something complex can be designed in a repeated idea -> implement -> test cycle, such that in each cycle we add a little more complexity.

You will also learn a bit of “project management”. Project management helps you undertake a project, such as creating a complex program, and complete it in a reasonable time, with reasonable effort, and with reasonable quality. It involves things such as planning tasks, tracking their progress, etc.

Audience for the book:
The book is intended for students who are already familiar with Scratch. The level of challenge is tuned for middle- and high-school students, but elementary-school students who have picked up all the concepts in an introductory course might also be able to enjoy the projects presented in this book.

The book would be a great resource for teachers who teach Scratch programming. They could use the projects to teach advanced tricks of programming and to show how complex programs are designed.

Finally, the book is for anyone who wants to get the wonderful taste of the entertaining and creative aspect of Computer Programming.


Computers & Technology > Programming > Game Programming

28. Alan Turing (Profiles in Mathematics)

by: Jim Corrigan
Release date: Jun 01, 2008
Number of Pages: 112
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Book by Corrigan, Jim

Biographies & Memoirs

29. Arduino LED Cube Projects

by: Robert Davis
Release date: May 14, 2015
Number of Pages: 96
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How to build 4x4x4, 8x8x8 and 8x8x8 color LED cubes with several sample programs to demonstrate them.

Computers & Technology > Hardware & DIY > Peripherals

30. Back Online (From the Files of Madison Finn Book 23)

by: Laura Dower
Release date: Aug 09, 2016
Number of Pages: 184
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Madison Finn is back online, and she’s spilling all the details on her new friend, old flame, and very unexpected crush

Madison, Aimee, Fiona, and the gang are ready for a new school year, but Madison knows that nothing is ever what you expect—especially when it comes to matters of the heart. Regardless of how prepared she is, the eighth grade is going to bring a bunch of awkward new experiences and some major surprises, including a new love interest—and a very confusing love triangle!
Perfect for fans of the Dork Diaries, Back Online is the newest novel in the hugely popular From the Files of Madison Finn series.


Teen & Young Adult > Literature & Fiction > Social & Family Issues > Friendship

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