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The best way to save on reading is borrowing books from your public library. AboutRead links the best selling & top rated books listed on amazon to your library with just one click. If the default library is not correct, you can visit Change Library page to change it.

Select a proper age group to discover your next read and borrow it from your library.  Please make changes accordingly since the reading level of your kids might be different from their ages.

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Enjoying the time of reading with your children

Read to your children, twenty minutes a day, you have the time and so do they.

Read while the laundry is in the machine, read while the dinner cooks,

Tuck a child in the crook of your arm and reach for the library books.

Hide the remote, let the computer games cool,

Your children need you in addition to school,

let them hear their first tales in the sound of your voice.

Turn the pages together, sitting close as you’ll fit

Til a small voice beside you say,

”Hey, don’t quit”

Adapted from a poem by  Richard Peck