ELBOW GREASE by John Cena,Howard McWilliam

Elbow Grease by John Cena,Howard McWilliam, No. 1 bestselling book of New York Times Best Sellers. A little monster truck shows he’s got gumption. For more New York Times Best Seller of Children’s Picture Books best sellers, see New York Times Best Seller of Children’s Picture Books

Elbow Grease

by: John CenaHoward McWilliam
No. 1 Best Seller on Thursday, October 18, 2018.
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From superstar entertainer John Cena comes a new picture-book series all about perseverance and believing in yourself, featuring a little monster truck named Elbow Grease!

Meet Elbow Grease, a little monster truck with a big problem! He’s smaller than his four brothers, but wants to prove that he has the guts and the grit to do big things. He decides that entering the Demolition Derby is the perfect way to show everyone that what he lacks in horsepower he makes up for in gumption. From multi-talented mega celebrity John Cena comes this exciting story about the importance of believing in yourself and never giving up. Full of high-octane illustrations and a new character kids will cheer for, this fun and fast-paced book proves that a little Elbow Grease . . . can go a long way!

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Last updated on Thursday, October 18, 2018